Transforming surfaces to create spaces that enrich people’s lives

About us

At Altadia we believe that the surfaces which we come in contact with on a daily basis have an influence on our lives, just as everything that surrounds us.

That is why we have worked together with our customers for years to serve quality solutions for colouring, decorating, and shaping different materials and surfaces.

Our team consists of over 3,600 individuals in 19 countries.

With 32 production plants and 19 distribution centres and aftersales services.

We help our customers design inspiring spaces that fulfil their needs and are mindful of their well-being and their environment.

A way of being and doing that makes us unique


Digital Mindset

Innovating with sense

Global and local vision

Human value

Altadia has thus emerged as a major new brand that unites and strengthens us in transforming the present and together building a better future.


Driving improvements

Altadia has its sights set on the future, knowing full well the path that leads there:


Innovation understood

Not as novelty or technology, but as a bespoke response to our customers’ current and future needs through innovative solutions.

Seeking to transform the industry with you

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